Bill Vernick

name I am a writer who spends equal time writing screenplays and writing TV commercials. I am perhaps best known for "The Best Part Of Wakin' Up Is Folgers In Your Cup", which is still running as a national campaign 24 years. My co-creator on the campaign was Susan Spiegel. I have also written numerous screenplays, optioned a few and got one produced. I have two scripts in circulation now that I am very proud of, "Gottem Gottem Needem" about baseball cards and "City Golf" about playing a New York City golf course in the 1980's. Gottem Gottem Needem is also being converted to a graphic novel, which is very exciting to me. In addition, I have started a website that's devoted to movies people watch over and over. It's

Night Moves: How To Quickly Get Over Being Dumped by Your Girlfriend or Wife.

09th November 2010
There are currently, many, many ways available that can help you get over being dumped by somebody. It is, however, extremely important to note and understand two hard facts before you attempt to employ any of these methods. 1. None of them ever work.... Read >